42 Kielboot Avenue, Laserpark, Honeydew
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Fert Trail 3500


The Fert Trail commodity carts are the latest addition to the Rula Agri product range. The Fert Trail tow behind carts are ideal for pre-planters and strip-till equipment. The carts can also be used for bulk fertilizer or seed for planters.

The cart is equipped with a track following steering system to aid the cart with sharp turns on headlands. The steering system also prevents the cart to wander from the tractor’s tracks and fall into loose tilled soil.


The Fert Trail commodity carts are available in various configurations with three tank options. A single tank with 3500L, a single tank with 7000L or a double tank option with two 3500L tanks. The Fert Trail can be equipped with the accurate Rula Agri granular fertilizer metering system. The system can be driven by an electric stepper motor or with a hydraulic motor, both controlled with the Müller Electronic rate controller.